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Root Plants 根茎植物


Ingredients Introduction

Root Plants

【根茎植物是藏在地底的宝食】 它们的价值纵横粮食与蔬菜类。这些植物生长在地底下,存储丰富的淀粉、蛋白质、无机盐、胡萝卜素、维生素、矿物质、还有大量的膳食纤维和低脂肪。它们是给人体御寒保暖的重要元素,其主要功效包括促进身体新陈代谢,延缓衰老,控制血糖,预防肥胖,滋养五脏六腑,和提供能量等。根茎植物适合当主食吃,且能发挥它们天然的优势,但要避免油炸。


《本草纲目》记载:“ 甘薯补虚,健脾开胃,强肾滋阴”,还有“ 海中之人,食之长寿”的美誉。

Rhizome plants are the edible treasures hidden in the ground. Their nutritional values go beyond grains and vegetable foods as they are rich in starch, protein, mineral salts, beta carotene, vitamins, minerals, as well as large amount of dietary fiber and contain low fat.

They have the capacity to keep the body warm under cold temperature. And the fundamental functions of rhizome plants including to boost metabolism, anti-aging, regulate blood sugar, prevent obesity, nourish the internal organs and enhance vitality.  To obtain the most natural nutritional benefits of rhizome plants, one can make them meals but avoid fry cook.

The Chinese classic “Compendium of Materia Medica” indicates that sweet potatoes repair and boost the body systems, improve digestion,  strengthen the kidney function and internal circulation. In addition, rhizome plants are precious foods that enable our bodies to grow in vitality and longevity.


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