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  • 华人传统包子
  • Chinese Steamed Buns




Because of my keen interest in the traditional Chinese steamed buns making, I took a short course with Master Coco Kong in 2018, whom I met in a  recipe book. 

At the same time, I've also set off  the journey to discover the tricks in Chinese steamed bun making, in particular on the aspects of pastry fermentation, ingredients selection and cooking, bun shaping and etc. After all, I have to say that, indeed, there are lots of knowledge and wisdom contained in the process of making these simple and yet nutritious traditional Chinese buns.

  • 卡通造型
  • Cartoon Shaping

Lily Siam 是我另一位导师,在 Fantastic Pastry Academy 里我特别向她请教了制作卡通馒头的手艺。

Lily Siam, the head of Fantastic Pastry Academy in Ipoh, was the mentor who had guided me in the technique of cartoon buns shaping.

  • 食材简介
  • Intro of Ingredients


In this website I've briefly introduced the ingredients that use to making the buns here. I believe it's important for us to understanding the health benefits provide by the natural foods, because this can help us to choose the proper diets that nurture our health accordingly. 

  • 天地自然
  • The Nature


While I was learning the raw ingredients,  I've been exposed to the ancient Chinese knowledge of health keeping which is done in accordance with the nature. Especially the concepts of natural medicine and the wellness of one-self, in which I marvel at the greatness of the universe and the wisdom of the ancients. It's also because I had had the opportunity to learn the "Taoist Qi-Gong" with  Master Tu just before the end of 2018, and the experience has indeed deepened my interests in the Chinese scriptures and traditional cultures.

  • 中华宝典
  • Chinese Scriptures

《黄帝内经》、《本草纲目》、《周易》、《老子》都是值得一读的中华宝典,这些经藏穿越五千年的历史文化,蕴藏着古圣先贤养生和处事的智慧。他们的启示的确是千金难买, 帮助我们了解现代生活所面对的问题和给予调解的妙方。这些经典所提到的养生原则和方法不外是指导我们在有生年华里活得更健康、丰盛、和安然适意。

I highly recommend these four Chinese classics with five thousand years of history, namely "The Yellow Emperor's Canon", "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Book of Changes", and "Lao Tzu",  which contain the invaluable wisdom of the ancient sages and their philosophies on life. Concurrently, they also point to the problems we are facing in this modern world, on the other hand, advising how we ought to adjust for the better.  Obviously, they provide us the guideposts to live life that is healthier, richer, calmer and more peaceful physically, mentally and emotionally.